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Would you like to look your best for a special occasion?

A Wedding, Holiday, Party or Job interview.... Or, maybe you would like to look your best all the time!  

Try a Relaxing, Rejuvenating Natural Face Lift Massage to lift your muscles, condition your skin & redefine areas that might be in need of a boost   


By using special techniques and accupressure this treatment helps achieve improved conditioning of the skin by encouraging natural oils to flow more freely to ensure a much more radiant glow

By releasing and freeing tensions that lie within the connective tissue.  The result produces a more plumped, younger and fresher look that improves overall appearance

This technique also tones muscles to assist the rejuvenating lift that helps to redefine the contours of the face, such as the the cheek bones and jawline, which in turn helps to achieve facial rejuvenation.

You will also experience a deep feeling of relaxation that leaves you feeling connected and confident in the way you look 


This is a non invasive form of rejuvenation that requires only the hands of a skilled therapist.

People are much happier not to use surgery or use techniques that rely on machines or needles to achieve such a natural look.

The additional benefits of massage of the face means that an extremely deep relaxation is achieved which helps to boost overall health.

This technique is generally performed without the use of oil, but oils and cremes can be incorporated if a client prefers


Natural Face Lift Massage has a positive effect, even after one treatment you will see and experience the lifting effect.

For your first visit - one and a half hours for the price of one hour: For  the full impact of the rejuvenation process, 6 treatments are performed close together, once or twice a week is ideal, when this is achieved, you can then choose to either come back regularly, every 4 - 6 weeks is recommended, or, to use this purely for a special occasion when you want to look your maximum best. To read what the media says about Natural Face Lift Massage, please visit:  and to find Gaye on the Licensed Tutors page






Gaye Sturrock IHM,FLM dip.LCICI,IPTI - She has been a therapist for 21 years and is an accredited tutor of the London Centre of Indian Champissage International and has been since 2003. Please see the tutors page of the website where you will find Gaye in the licensed tutors section.  The centre was set up by Narendra Mehta who put together Indian Head Massage as a therapy in its own right.  He introduced Indian Head Massage to the west in 1981 & has been fully recognised for his efforts by being honoured with an MBE. His wife Kundan Mehta is responsible for this method of facial rejuvenation which has become so popular and successful.


Please email  or ring Gaye for further information you require, either to book a treatment or a training course. 

07949 387536